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NO. 10W - 3
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NO. N - 10W - 4

1. Product characteristics
Aluminum alloy base with function of heat dissipation
Wide-angle lighting area
LED illuminant and active power design
Input 24VDC
Theory of small chip shunt adopted
Tube specification of traditional norm adopted
More than 50% power is saved than that traditional daylight tube consumes.

2. Product description
Aluminum alloy base enhances heat dissipation and increases lifetime of product.
The LED adopts the latest SMD packaging process which makes viewing angle up to 120°.
The LED illuminant and active power design enable this product to avoid waste of power.
Input voltage 24VDC
The theory of small chip shunt is adopted to reduce driving barrier of the chip and increase converting efficiency of the chip.
Tube specification of traditional norm is adopted to support lamp specification which is available from the market and increase substitutability of product.
LED illuminant with driving function of low current and voltage is adopted to save more than 50% of power.

3. Product specification
Type of LED packaging Rectangle with PLCC Package with Silicone Resin.
Heat-dissipation of Aluminum extrusion Aluminum(AA6063)
Material of Lampshade PC fireproofing grade V-1
Material of PCB FR4(94-V0)
Pin interval of tube 13mm(G-13)
Tube diameter
(only the tube)
Tube length
(without pin length)
300mm 580mm 895mm 1196mm 1500mm

3-1. Mechanism specification
3-2. Optical characteristics
Color temperature 2800~3200K、4000~4500K、5500~6300K
Viewing angle 150°
Color rendering index (C.R.I) > 65

4. Characteristics of reliability
Temperature of heat-dissipation aluminum extrusion material <45∘C
Storage temperature -20∘C~60∘C
Operation temperature -10∘C~45∘C
Average failure time >30000 hours (L70:30% Decay)

5. Table of temperature variation detected
25∘C 33 37.5 37.5 38.2 38.4
30∘C 33.6 39.2 39.2 42.3 42.3
35∘C 39.5 42.6 42.6 47.1 47
40∘C 47 49.5 49.5 55.3 55.2
45∘C 53.1 58.2 58.2 62.8 62.6
It is recommended that this product should not be operated in the environment
with temperature higher than 45℃, as the LED’s brightness decline would be accelerated.

6. Installation procedure
Prior to installation, switch off the power and remove the starter.
Replace the traditional fluorescent tube with the LED tube and make sure the right side is in place (PC lampshade is the light irradiation side).
Disconnect the circuit of the stabilizer in the base and connect AC power to the port marked on the driver (AC 110V/AC 220V).
ach pin of the G-13 connecters on the tube has definite electrode. Please follow instruction in the following the figure to connect each pin to its corresponding outlet circuit on the driver and the lamp.
Please reconfirm connection of all circuit, and then re-open the power.

7. Attention
This product is designed to apply to full voltage AC power. Please note its output is 24VDC. Currency level of the tube should also be noted.
In order to perform better in power saving, the driver of this product is designed to attach externally, so the traditional stabilizer should be disconnected with the circuit (this should be processed by professionals).
This product is moisture-proof treated and can be operated under environment with high moisture, but do not put it into water.
The tube will light up in 1-2 seconds after switching on, which is a delay due to circuit protection. It is normal, please do not mind it.

8. Procedure for emergency
The tube can’t light up in the first time of use. Confirm power supply and then switch off the power.
Check the power voltage and the applicable voltage of the lamp. If they are inconsistent; change them to meet corresponding specification.
Check the power circuit and insure it is appropriately installed.
If the tube still can’t light up, inform professional personnel to examine it.
The tube had ever lit up and worked well, but can’t again.
Switch the power off and check whether it is in normal condition.
Check whether the switch is damaged. If so, inform electrical personnel to repair it.
Smoke, flame, abnormal light, strange smell, noise, etc.
Switch the power off immediately and inform professional personal to do thoroughly inspection.
Smoke, flame, abnormal light, strange smell, noise, etc.
Switch the power off immediately and inform professional personal to do thoroughly inspection.
The light changes constantly from bright to faint and twinkle or its brightness decreased sharply Switch off the power.
Replace the tube with a new one and switch it on. If it still can’t work, inform electrical personnel to repair it.

9. Nomenclature norm

10. Nomenclature norm
Net weight of a single tube (g) 210 g 470 g
Package weight of a single tube (g) 235 g 530 g
Weight of a whole package
/ (40 tubes/carton
11.7 kg 23.8 kg
Dimensions of a package /(cm) 62*30*21 cm 123*30*21 cm

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